Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 break

Good morning,

So, I decided to take a DOAX3 break.

Don’t get me wrong, I can play it and it’s a fun enough game, but the money limitations and wrong type of grinding means that I can’t quite get enough dollars to get all the super tiny bikini’s I’d like. That are always limited editions and cost more than half of the maximum amount of money you can acquire at one given time (1.5m limit on your zack dollars limit!)

Thankfully jiggle physics are there to save the day.

It’s just mostly better to watch other people’s videos of in game footage, you won’t get the camera angles you want and the costume you want on the character yo want in the mini game or cut scene you want may be hard to find, but it’s still easier than spending hours and hours in the casino getting good at blackjack……..Which isn’t a bad thing in it’s own way I guess………

The volley ball game is about as fun as one of those old playstation games where they hadn’t worked out how to do 3d game controls and Tecmo totally dropped the ball by not including the fight engine as a method of playing and earning cash once again.

Plus the bikini’s are far too expensive, making the kinda cool mini games far too repetitive.

So, if you want to just have a perve, hit up youtube!

best review ever? Perfect!


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