Jimmy was my slave name, call me Blanka

Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there; I still don’t because it’s the internet.

You ever see that sf2 ending for Blanka? you didn’t? well, let me refresh your memory\show you, and to knock out 2 rocks with 1 bird, show you how to identify a child in need of help in this article!!

(thanks to acdeezie for video that I linked to)

so did you watch it? good!\go back and watch it!

So basically, Blanka was chained up on his birthday, (best birthday EVER!) was abused and experimented on and then survived a plane crash and is recognisable to his mommy, probably because he looked pretty similar when the plane went down.

Now first thing you look for, when you’re a plane attendant is a gigantic shackle on a kids leg, I mean, I get that it was probably like the 1960’s when he got on that plane, but I think anyone who wasn’t tripping on LSD probably should have had some kind of idea that this was a kid that had it rough, and not like, the regular 1960’s black eye and cane marks. A shackle that big can’t be missed by any one sober; not to mention the obvious green skin from malnutrition (or veganism) and teeth sharpened to points!

I’ve used a Stock photo and some artistic licence to help airplane staff in reporting child abuse cases like this. Obviously it was a slight oversight on their part and they probably thought the kid was just jealous or like holding his breath or something.

….”but his teeth and skin, that happened in the jungle, didn’t they??” I mean, may be, but he would have had to have been in at least his teens to have huge leg irons like that welded together and not have then fall off! ….and that means adult teeth, plus, how did his mommy recognise him?

okay, this is weird. Street Fighter IIs story is just not adding up!

Anyway, I suspect, though that Ms Blanka’s mommy was behind the child kidnappings in both sf3 and 5 and runs an international child slavery ring. Blanka, however may then just be a severely mentally disabled teen or adult, perhaps as a result of the torture and experiments, or maybe he was picked because of this reason. This may help explain why he hasn’t fried his mommy and explains his close friendship with Dan (I mean, if anyone was dropped at birth, right on their head, am I mistaken?) and the unable to graduate from primary school for like 20 years, Sakura.

Jimmy’s “mommy” must, must, must be stopped. #Blanka’smomforlastbossinussfv:sce15!

also……….all those exposed tooth nerves! imagine biting into an icecream with those!!!

So you know what I’m talking about? perfect!

(now plz explain it to me….I’ve confused myself)


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