Street Fighter V ran out of budget on London stage ‘:(

Good morning!

I have undertaken a large scale project in collaboration with Capcom, without their knowledge or consent, to improve upon Union Station (SFV) to what the initial goals were for the stage break project.

Here’s where it gets quite interesting. Street Fighter Zero 2 saw Birdie fighting in a men’s room in London, filled with all sorts of characters, like a punk, an old guy, who was just there to have a look around, sight seeing people peeing, A Sherlock Holmes’ looking guy with a magnifying glass to see his weewee and a very scantily clad lad who probably popped in for a golden shower and took refuge in a stall when the massive street fight broke out.

It’s quite an interesting stage, much like Sakura’s SFZ2 stage, where her “assumed” brother is playing video games and reacts to some of the things that happen on screen and Dhalsim’s barely legal wife reacts to the hits landed on or by her 85 year old husband, or even how in Gen’s stage, the rubbish and broken stuff do absolutely nothing whenever something happens or something doesn’t happen.

Anyway, back on to the topic at hand. The exercise proved too expensive for Capcom, who couldn’t even afford a basic mirror effect in the stage interaction portion of the Union Station stage, so I thought I’d help my buddies out by showing what could have been, if Capcom had a bit more budget!

Don’t get your hopes up though, this looks legitimate and realistic in every way, shape and form, however is actually in no way able to be implemented, by me or Capcom, short of a massive cash injection.
Would you believe I just cut and pasted these in???


So, as you can see, Ono would have insisted on a cameo if this portion of the stage had been revealed, which I think we all can agree is maybe not so great a loss as we had initially collectively thought and or imagined.


Enlightened? Perfect!


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