Edmond Honda’s date with the gynaecologist

Good morning,

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are rather unfortunate and embarrassing things that can be caught when one is sexually active.

Street Fighters are no exception, I mean, Ryu can’t just dragon punch his own genitals off and be done with the …..Actually, he probably did, it would explain a lot about his lack of personality. Digress, I do though.

After noticing that poor Eddy had obviously something really wrong with him, I contacted his family doctor, Dr. Baldhead and asked if he would pay him a visit.


“It’s definitely the worst case of Herpes, combined with a sack-rash I’ve ever seen” stated Dr. Baldhead, “He should probably contact Ryu to dragon punch that thing off”.

I questioned him on how Mr. Honda might have contracted quite so many STDs, considering that even though Sumo wrestlers are considered studs in homeland Japan, a lot of the rashing is on his ass. “It’s probably that ultra-cheap sumo smash move, yes, yes” exclaimed Dr. Baldhead, “He’s been abusing it because it hits on the way up and down, has so little recovery, is an ambiguous cross-up at times and is hard to predict and puts him in a safe position. He probably contracted all sorts of really nasty things from some unwashed heads, like Blanka, Dan, Akuma or most likely, Rufus, who’s head is a breeding ground for STDs considering the “pony tail” that is actually his junk in disguise”. Concluded the Doctor.


At that point I thanked the doctor, hung up the phone and burned it….Maybe I should get Ryu to Dragon punch the ashes…

Anyway, so now you know why E.Honda’s tackle is bright red.

Enlightened? Scarred? Perfect!


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